gps tracking helps with custoemr emergencies   IMPROVE FLEET SAFETY & MINIMISE RISKS

  • Charter Managers, Charter Yacht Owners & Sailing Schools can see in real-time the location of all boats in their Yacht Charter Fleet, and ensure the safety of clients by setting up “hazard” and “low speed” geozones to receive email alerts.
  • A safe zone might include a marina or mooring, while a hazard might be a sandbank or submerged debris. Any number of these ‘geofence’ zones can be setup for your own Yacht tracker application.
  • You will know BEFORE a yacht is returned from charter if they have damaged the boat by entering a “hazard” zone, and you can take proper actions.

gps tracking improves invoicing accuracy SAVE COSTS, ANALYSE ALL TRIPS

  • Yacht Charter rentals can be more easily managed with our GPS Yacht  tracking system.
  • The boat GPS position are SAVED for 5 years, and can be analised anytime by Yacht owner or Charter management, in case of any dispute with a client due to miss-use or even damage to the yacht by checking accurate positions (1 meter precision) and speed of the boat at any given time.

gps tracking unauthorized usage  IMPROVE SECURITY

  • Yacht owners or Charter managers, can also improve your Yacht security using our GPS tracking devices to create unauthorised movement or speed alerts.
  • During winter or non-operational periods, onboard GPS trackers can be configured for Yacht alarm anti-theft notifications.
complete more jobs with gps tracking   BETTER BOAT USAGE
  • When your clients know they are being tracked, they will be more carefull with the boat: they will no longer go at too high speed (motor boats), and will no longer go too close to dangereous locations (without you knowing it) …